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What do I need to complete a listing

We recommend that have available all the text and images you need before you start a listing.

Here's what you need:


Company Name ,   Address ,  Telephone Number , Email Address , Web Address


An item image  - an image that represents your business   type JPEG Dimensions  

Gift Voucher Images  - These will need some preparation to display correctly in the Gallery.


How much does a listing cost ?

We have a range of Chargeable listings and a Free Option

The Chargeable / Free options simply reflect how much assistance you ask from us to complete your listing.

We provide full instructions as how to submit a full and professional looking listing including image slider to display your Gift Vouchers and as most customers will be able to complete a valid listing easily enough.

For customers who need assistance or would like us to complete a listing for them we have various chargeable listings options available.

Customers can start with a free listing and upgrade to get the assistance they need.

Two options are Image Assist  ( assistance with Images) and Submission Assistance where we complete your submission for you.


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