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Gift Voucher UK – image is important

Gift Voucher UK – image is important


When we create gift voucher stationery for our customers , they are almost always image based. Beautiful images make great
gift vouchers and we were looking forward to showing them off here.

Which leads me on to the gallery and here we encountered our first problem. We knew from the demo content that a great
looking gallery was possible but no matter how much we tried we could not get the results we were looking for. No matter
what size images we tried we not get them to display correctly.

We suspected that somehow the gallery was resizing the images on the fly perhaps even cropping them. As the tech guy here
this was a problem that I had to solve as displaying our Gift Voucher images was essential. Using Firebug which is a
Firefox plugin I eventually was able to prove the java script used by the plugin was indeed making changes to our images
on the fly including resizing, essentially the gallery was expecting an image of a certain size and would crop or resize

Eventually I realized the gallery was expecting an images of certain width and height ratio and a certain width and because
our images did not have this required ratio they appeared to be cropped where as in fact they were being offset. Through
a little trail and error I was able to establish that our images need to be larger and required a boarder around them.

Once I realised this it was a simple exercise to complete the Gallery for Fron Goch Garden Centre and complete our first
submission. However this left me with another problem we have 100’s of customer Gift Voucher images ready for the site
which were now the wrong size!

A challenge for another day.