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Gift Vouchers UK – Leaving Venice

Gift Vouchers UK – Leaving Venice

Our site enables UK based independent businesses to promote their Gift Vouchers and to make it easy for consumers to find them.
The default content for our directory however is based on the Italian city of Venice, yet no matter how attractive such a destination
(coffee in Saint Mark’s square should be avoided unless you have deep pockets) we need this content replaced.

Our Gift Voucher Stationery customers are getting a free entry so we have no shortage of content. So we have proceeded
to replace every Venice based entry with a genuine UK Gift Voucher provider.

This exercise has enabled us to get comfortable with the entry process which will enable us to construct very effective
help pages to assist user creating their own items in the future.

Also tweaked the map on the opening page to focus on the UK rather than Italy which avoids some confusion!

Really pleased the first twenty entries are done.  The home page needs some thought though as it does not explain what
the site does very well.  Food for thought.