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Gift Vouchers UK – Leaving Venice

Our site enables UK based independent businesses to promote their Gift Vouchers and to make it easy for consumers to find them. The default content for our directory however is based on the Italian city of Venice, yet no matter how attractive such a destination (coffee in Saint Mark’s square should be avoided unless you […]

Gift Vouchers UK – Gallery Image

Now we had a solution that would enable us to add gift voucher images to the gallery we could proceed to complete the first submission for Fron Goch Garden Centre. You can see the effect that we we’re trying to achieve from the image above. Here we have an example gift voucher image surrounded buy […]

Gift Vouchers UK-Image Magick

If you read my previous post you will know that we were now in the situation that 100’s of images we had ready for this site were useless due the peculiarities of the Gallery that comes with the WordPress Theme we are are using. This is where ImageMagick® comes in which is as a software […]

Gift Voucher UK – image is important

Images When we create gift voucher stationery for our customers , they are almost always image based. Beautiful images make great gift vouchers and we were looking forward to showing them off here. Which leads me on to the gallery and here we encountered our first problem. We knew from the demo content that a […]

Gift Vouchers UK – First Submission

I’ve been looking forward to this day as we get to add our first real content, the first business to be added will be Fron Goch Garden Centre. Real Rewards Ltd owns this web site and we provide Gift Voucher stationery to hundreds of business across the UK and one of the primary objectives of […]

Gift Vouchers UK – default content

Default content When setting this up this directory we can choose whether to install default content or no content at all where you effectively start from scratch. The default content includes sample submissions which are called Items, mostly businesses based in Venice Italy, and with this associated Item Categories and locations. Also included is dummy […]

Gift Vouchers UK – setting up the site

We are lucky in that we organise website hosting for a number of our customers as an affiliate of UnLimited Hosting so securing web site hosting and getting WordPress up and running took a just few minutes. Choosing the right components (themes and plugins in WordPress parlance) took much longer. We realised straight away that […]

Gift Vouchers UK – A directory website

As we refined our thinking about Gift Vouchers UK we concluded that a directory web site would be the best way to enable small businesses to promote their Gift Vouchers without diluting the marketing of their core activities. A separate website dedicated solely to the promotion of Gift Vouchers. A directory web site would enable […]

GiftVouchers-uk.com is conceived

We are launching a new web site GiftVouchers-UK.com.   At Real Rewards Ltd we provide  Gift Voucher stationery to 100’s of business across the UK and we have been looking at ways in which we could help our stockists promote their gift vouchers online more effectively. It would not come as a surprise if we […]


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