Gift Vouchers UK – setting up the site

Gift Vouchers UK  – setting up the site

We are lucky in that we organise website hosting for a number of our customers as an affiliate of UnLimited Hosting so
securing web site hosting and getting WordPress up and running took a just few minutes.

Choosing the right components (themes and plugins in WordPress parlance) took much longer. We realised straight away that we
wanted an off the shelf solution but it took time to find something that matched our shopping list of requirements.

If you are looking at themes for WordPress for instance you will see many demonstration sites that look stunning and the suggestion
is that it is simple to create a stunning site. We have found this is not so easy as the theme providers make out and that
very careful attention has to be made to image sizing and text composition. Fine you are prepared the learn all the nuances
but we want business owners with no experience of WordPress to be able create a good looking entry where they just have to supply
the content and the theme takes care of the appearance.

We think we have found just what we are looking for , so with theme and plugin installed we are live.

The first thing Ive done is post this in the blog and upload the previous posts which Id kept on my pc
whilst we deliberated GiftVouchers-Uk.