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Gift Vouchers UK-Image Magick

Gift Vouchers UK-Image Magick

If you read my previous post you will know that we were now in the situation that 100’s of images we had ready for this site
were useless due the peculiarities of the Gallery that comes with the WordPress Theme we are are using.

This is where ImageMagick® comes in which is as a software suite used to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images using
code. It might come as a surprise that images can be manipulated using code as opposed editing software like Photoshop but
it in fact very common particularly on the web.

We use ImageMagick® to take our the artwork for our Gift Voucher images which is normally in PDF format to automatically
create JPEG images of various sizes , which our customers use for marketing and web site display.

In order to created images for the Gallery we needed the PDF’s to be copped, resized and then a border added of certain
color to change the width and height ratios and width to something that suited the galley.

Sounds complicated but we already had in place the code to carry out most of this already , the new part was adding the
border but with a little Google research and a few trails we soon had a solution.

So now at a press of a button we can create images of our Gift Vouchers for the Gallery which really is a little
ImageMagick !

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