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Gift Vouchers UK – default content

Gift Vouchers UK – default content

Default content

When setting this up this directory we can choose whether to install default content or no content at all where you effectively start
from scratch. The default content includes sample submissions which are called Items, mostly businesses based in Venice Italy,
and with this associated Item Categories and locations. Also included is dummy blog entries, FAQ listings ,blank images and so on.

In the end we decided to included the default content as we realised in the course of removing it and replacing it with real content
we would learn a great deal about the finer workings of the directory.

There are disadvantages of this approach , anyone visiting the site in the very early days would think we were promoting businesses
in Venice Italy which would be a little confusing to say the least. We decided that this would not be a significant issue as being a new
site Google would not rate us highly in searches and as such very few people would notice.

The second disadvantage in much of the default text in the blog for instance contains the standard standard dummy text which starts
with “Lawrem Ipsom” ( miss spelling intentional) and this a big no no to Google which basically says site not ready. However we can
live with that as until we created sufficient content of our own.

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